I read the book last night thru tears as I lost my very best friend last week to lymphoma and everything Mr. Levin felt and did I did too from sleeping next to my Wally on the floor and giving him back rubs. On his final night I held him in my arms from 9pm until he passed 5 1/2 hours later. I am inconsolable. I had a dream the other night and heard him barking and got up to let him out only to remember my friend of 11 years was no longer with me. I purchased 4 copies of your book for my dog loving friends. My prayers are with all of you who have lost your babies. Thank you for writing this heart wrenching book Mr. Levin and for adopting Griffon. You and your family are special people.


Pam from MT

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  1. Elissa Says:

    I too just had to put down my dog, BEAUTY.. I too still feel her, hear her and miss her terribly. I loved read about “sprite” becuse I understand now, I was not alone feeling the way I did and still do about my special dog. We all understand and feel the same way.