Thinking of Sprite

Mark, this is about an experience I had today and I want to share it. I have already had my chihuahua Bella posted in Mark’s Dog Corner and I thank you. This is about Sprite. Last Friday, I got a copy of Rescuing Sprite and have been enjoying it for the past two days I have been totally absorbed by this wonderful story. Through Sprite, I got to know this wonderful family who rescued him and what it’s like to lose him. Let me explain this. Last night, I found out a friend and his wife recently lost their dog and they have not been handling it well at all. I stayed up reading this book having decided to give it to them to read first since they were going through what you and your family went through.

This morning came and I had gotten to page 161 and I knew I had to give the book over. So I dropped it off and took Bella to her favorite park. I felt such a sense of overwhelming loss and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I realized I felt as though Sprite had been ripped out of my arms too. Bella, was unaware. thank goodness. The walk was so lonely for me because all I kept thinking of was Sprite. We stopped at a store on the way home because I had to pick up something and there staring at me was the sign for Pepsi. Thank you for this wonderful book and thank Sprite and Pepsi for letting us to get to know the wonderful Levin family….Very sincerely yours,

Carol from NJ