Hey, I just read your book rescuing Sprite and I cried and mourned. I felt such love in the story and was so overwelmed thinking about how much joy our pets bring to our lives. I lost my precious Spencer this July to cancer. He was an 8 year old chihuahua that was my best friend. He had the best personality in the world. He loved to walk, ride and play games. He had his favorite spots to sleep in and his favorite toys. I always knew I would dread the day he died but I had no idea that he would die so soon. I still cry and I feel such a huge void in my life. It was one of the most horrible losses I have ever experienced and will remain in my mind forever. I told my husband that I never wanted any more animals besides the ones we had. I also have three more dogs. But the very next week he went and bought me two white chihuahua puppies who I just adore. They are so much fun. They have helped with the healing process but the pain is still there. I I just thank God that he has given us such great creatures to enjoy in this crazy world that we live in. What a precious gift. Thank you for writing the book and sharing your stories. Im sorry for your loss and I truly know how you feel. Thank God for people like you who love animals and who are willing to give them a good home. Sprite will remain in my thoughts forever as will my precious Spencer.

Michelle from NC