Sparky & Mattie

my dog sparky is a rescue dog.she is a long haired chihuahua/terrier cross and the most adorable thing you ever saw. my husband found this small creature wandering aimlessly on July 4,2000. she was terrified of everything and shaking like a leaf. she had mange and fleas and we would later find out that she suffers from seizures. my husband brought her in the house and she immediately ran to me and wouldnt go to any one else. we took her to the vet and began putting up “found dog” signs. we placed ads in the papers and waited. then we waited somemore and no one claimed her. after 2 months and untold vet bills, i informed my husband that sparky wasnt going any where no matter what. she had wormed her way into my heart completely and she is,i am happy to say, spoiled rotten. i swore i would never get another dog again, as just before sparky arrived, we lost our beloved Gizmo, our boston terrier. we had to have him put to sleep. this dog was born into my hands on my birthday 12 years prior. i know what you went through. but then came sparky, a mangy mutt who totally won my heart.


God bless Dogs, i know for sure all dog do go to heaven. even though the pain was excruciating, Sparky helped it ease. God Bless you Mark for writing your book about Sprite. I cherish it. Thank you from me and my Dogs Sparky, Mattie, and my Clydesdale mare Shannie


Terry from TX