I SO much enjoyed your book. I have a border collie mix ..her name “Spanky” …she has saved my life on several occasions …I left a pan on my stove and she woke me up to alert me to the burning pan…another occasion is that I discovered I have sleep apnea and she noticed my breathing was different and woke me up. It’s amazing how smart this little dog is. She’s my best friend (I’m single) and the love of my life.


This book has made me more aware to enjoy these precious years I have with her…these little angles won’t be around for a long time and your book has made me appreciate the time I have with her and to take good care of her and enjoy her. Thank you Mark for witing such a heartwarming book. We need pets …they keep us young not to mention loved. Merry Christmas and a JOYFUL new year!


Susan from TX