Socks, Beethoven

I loved Sprites story. We are huge animal lovers and have had the three dog show going for many years now. Our first “Socks” the border collie is still with us at 12 yrs old, “Beethoven” the black lab passed at 15 yrs from heart problems and our beloved “Nixon” the golden retreiver passed at 10 yrs from cancer. His death last year was very hard because we did not have time to let it all sink in. After beefy ( for short) passed we were not going to get any more pets and I got a call, my cousin was driving home from Atlanta and saved a little guy on 65 dodging Semi’s crossing six lanes of traffic. We have had Emet ( Eight Miles from Elizabeth Town) for 4 yrs now. Opal came to live with us several weeks after Nixon died. I found a Golden who needed a home on Petfinder and called. Well long story short, the foster family decided to keep him but the animal control officer who runs the rescue had a lab a something who she had adopted out once needing a home ASAP. We could not say no. So life goes on with the three dog show. Some think we are crazy. All of our animals have been unwanted by someone else. We love them so much and in return we get loved each and everyday.

Many people have asked how we named our original “Three”. Democrat, Independent and Republican. Of course this trend has ended.

Lori from KY