It’s me again. Don’t know if you received my letter some weeks ago, but anyway I read your book, and I felt your story could have been me and my cat, it described so accurately all the emotions etc.. Anyway it’s an awesome book, and because of your courage to write the book, I feel as if somehow I have another piece to hold on to my cat Snowy. Don’t know if that makes any sense, but if someone wanted to take that book away from me now, I’d feel like they were takin part of Snowy away. Probably sounds weird. Anyway I’m remembering you and your family today very much cuz it’s exactly 1 year since you had to say good-bye to Sprite. All the best wishes for you all. It is also exactly 6 months today since I had to give Snowy up. Only after I was all done reading your book, did I realize that my cat died exactly 6 months to the day later than your dog. On the one hand it of course means nothing, but on the other hand it just touched me even deeper, reading your book. I’m again not at my house so, again I don’t have a picture to send from my cat, who was totally white. Well, I won’t hold you up, just wanted to let you know I remember your special day, and I’m wondering; are you doing anything special, kind of like a memorial day, or what if anything are you doing or do you think those kind of things help to cope with the loss? I visit Snowy’s grave everyday. My childhood history most people think I’m nuts that I loved my cat so much. Anyway I said I wouldn’t keep you, so all the best.

Hilda from Ontario