Before the book came out, I heard you talk about it on Rush’s show. I lost my dog on sept. 10th. he was 17 years, 4 months and 5 days old.
As I do most of my work at home as well, he was my constant companion, best friend for 17 years.
As I listened to you, I thought, he only had Sprite for 2 years, he can’t know my pain!
I have been coping by not thinking of Snoop (when he comes into my mind, my heart literally sinks in my chest, and I immediately try to busy myself with other things.

While shopping lately, I seemed to see the book everywhere-I kept resisting buying it as I knew it would be too painful to read, but the smiling face of Sprite was pulling me. i finally bought the book-it sat on my kitchen table for 2 days, Sprite smiling up at me. I was afraid to open it.
Yesterday I read the book. I started crying on page 102 and didn’t stop until I finished it.
It was what I needed, a catharsis. And the realization came to me that I was luckier, much luckier than Mark-I had my baby for 17 years. 2 years is far too short a time with a beloved dog.
I have been meaning to plant a white hydrangea bush in memory of Snoop and will do that come spring, I know now that it will give me comfort.


Christine from CT