Shadow was a beautiful young male Keeshond. He was well-behaved but couldn’t resist sneaking out of the yard whenever he found the opportunity. He was not a digger, he would check the gate frequently. He had gotten out before and had been hit once by a car, breaking his leg. He healed and was a very happy dog still. He got out every once in a while when kids from the elementary school would come by and pet him thru the fence. I guess some felt that he wanted to get out of the backyard (and I can believe that). The day finally came when he got out and wandered farther than usual. Why? Because he met a friend, a little poodle. They had a big adventure at a local park which was across a major street. On the way back, the poodle (and possibly Shadow too, we never found out for sure) was hit by a car. Shadow had the sense to go to the back door of the restaurant I worked at as a busboy.


I was not there that day but the eyewitness accounts told the following story: Shadow was scratching the back door to the restaurant until someone came out. Shadow pulled the employee out to the curb where a crowd had gathered to witness the poodle that had just been hit. As Shadow looked on and waited for the owner of the poodle to try and help his dog, the co-worker of mine gently stroked Shadow, not knowing where he had come from or anything about him. At one point the owner of the poodle looked up and said to the onlookers, “she’s dead.” Shadow fell over on the spot and also died. Tell me dogs do not have feelings. Thanks Mark for your book and everything else you do. God Bless!


Mark from OR