I just finished Rescuing Sprite … a wonderful and heart-felt story about a bond between pet and man. I’m more of a cat person … we found “Samantha” when we were stationed near Frankfurt Germany … as the kids grew up, she watched over them as if they were her kittens and waited for them to come home from school and never considered herself a cat. She was a black cat and in form, she passed away (16 years old) in our bedroom at midnight on a Friday the 13th. Like you, I was torn with having her put down. The vet was a co-worker and recommended a 50cc bolus of Ringers Lactate every few days to extend her life. She did not like getting poked with a large bore needle and we just let time run its course … she did not appear to be in pain, but the night she died, I held her wrapped in a blanket, listening to her purr. I packed her on ice and drove her from Pope AFB in NC to Edisto Island SC to bury her in our yard … where she loved to sit and watch the world go by. As you mentioned about Sprite … and hearing him breath from time to time, I often see her out of the corner of my eye … then I look and no one is there. We have rescued another black cat since then and recently, a tortoise shell tabby adopted our family and promptly had 3 beautiful orange-tabby kittens … homes were found for 2 and we kept the Mom and 3d kitten. All have been spayed/neutered and have great homes and are enjoying their new family.

All pets are special .. for the unconditional love they provide and the joy they bring to a family.

Best of everything with your pets and the success of your book.


Col Charlie Tupper from SC