Dear Mark. I have listened to your show over the past few weeks some but I have had to turn the channel when you talk about your new book. I was the proud owner of a Golden Retriever. Sam was with us for 15 years and as of late going downhill fast. This morning I had to do something I dreaded for a long time. I always said I would take care of her as long as she wasn’t suffering. This last week was hard because it was obvious that she was suffering. This morning I had to have the vet put here down. We have lost a truly great friend and I’m having trouble dealing with it. The only thing I can focus on now is the good life she had. For 15 years she was loved like on of the kids. Now I realize by listening to your show it helped me deal with our loss better because I had time to reflect on the positives. Thanks again for all you do.


Jeff from MI