Hey Mark,
Got through to you twice. Big listener/fan. The third time ,was to respond to “Rescuing Sprite”. They wouldn’t put me through, because I said I didn’t know if I could read your book.
My heartache, isn’t about an “older” dog.

This was my first dog, a Japanese Chin, name Sake. (we may have something in common here, with names). Anyway, she never made it to her 2nd birthday. I could go on with details, trips doctors, vets, medicines etc….
She was beautiful, ( as all animals are), 17 lbs, long hair and the cutest face. I will never forgot her and my heart breaks to this day. The minute I started reading your book,the tears started.
I couldn’t let her go. You DID the right thing. I believe I was selfish, because how could this be happening.I was Sake mother and had to do everything possible for her.Like any mother, right?. Sake was so young, she was a baby.Even when the doctors said “let her go”. I couldn’t accept it.
Until, Sake finally said so.
So I did………………..

I guess, no matter, how old or how young, (2 years, either way) the pain, grief, sorry, will be there.
It’s been three years, I’m crying now, but you know what. My boyfriend and daughter, (probably like Kandell) introduced me to Roxie. part Puggle and Beaggle. Love her!!!!
Thank you Mark, for your book. It’s helped me.
Still crying, sniffing, but I don’t feel alone.
love your book and Sprite. hope they’re playing “tug-o-war”

Katherine from NY