Rush, Reagan


Thank you for writing this book. It has brought me that much closer to my dogs (pics enclosed). I am currently in the middle of an ugly divorce that has been tough on me. I really thought that I was living alone again now after she left, but after reading your book that I am not. My two buddies have been here and trying to “take care of me” and I was too concerned with myself to realize this. Once again thank you for writing this book. It has taught me to see the blessings I have rather then the problems I am going through. By the way, the Jack Russell in the photos is named Reagan, and the Greyhound is named Rush (believe it or not this was his racing name).

P.S. Please put a link to an adoption agency for retired racing greyhounds on your site. These are some of the most loving, wonderful dogs in the world and they need a home as much as any shelter dog. By the way, my wife and I had six dogs between us. She took four of them (3 Italian Greyhounds, one we adopted from our vet, and a shelter Rat terrior that was days, maybe hours from being put down. I do miss them dearly, especially the rat, but despite me and my ex-wifes problems, I know they are being taken care of well.


Tom from IN