Rudi, Guido

Dear Mark,
I have not bought your book yet but am planning to. I at one time had an Afghan Hound I adopted through the local paper. I had Rudi for about eight years before I had to put him down because he had addison’s disease. The vet put him down and I wasn’t goint to get any more dogs. Well to make a long story short about two to three months went by and the same vet had a Sheltie brought in with a broken leg and the womans husband didn’t want to pay the vet bill so he gave the dog to me. His name was Guido and we had him for ten years before he got lupus. I didn’t know dogs could get this but the vet said it is not uncommon. It was the hardest thing to watch this dog die everyday before I put him down. I would visit the vets office everyday to check on his progress. He didn’t get better after three days and the vet said with his age it was unlikely he would come out of it. She called me on a Monday evening and I knew it was time. I broke down crying like a little kid. But I knew it was in Guidos best interest not to let him suffer anymore. So Mark, I know what you are going through because I had to do it twice. It is not an easy thing to do when you get so attached to these animals. I will get another dog one of these days because it is just not home without a dog wagging its tail when you come home after working all day and no one to greet you when you come home. Thank for letting me write my story.

Jeff from WV