I posted the story about a month ago of how our dog Rosie came to America from England. I ended that post by describing how Rosie was diagnosed with Kidney Disease about a year ago and how she wasn’t doing very well recently.

Considering how Rosie was doing, and since I’m such a big fan, I asked my wife to get me “Rescuing Sprite” for Christmas. She ordered me the signed version off of the website and it arrived on Friday November 30.

I don’t travel very much for my job but I did have to travel that following week from Seattle to Atlanta. I took Rosie to the vet for a check-up on Saturday and they drew some blood to do some tests. The results would be ready Monday morning, December 3rd, the same morning that I had to travel. When I landed in Phoenix, where I had a layover, the pilot told us we could now turn our cell phones back on. I turned mine on and there was a text message from my wife saying that Rosie was being put to sleep in about 20 minutes.

I never could have imagined that I wouldn’t have been there for something like this, and neither one of us were really prepared. I called my wife right away and she was already parked in the vet’s parking lot waiting to go inside… the both of us now sobbing.

Thank you for writing this book Mark.


Eric from WA