Rita, Shadow, Ebony

Dear Mark,

Super Book, my wife gave it to me for Christmas. We adopted two dogs Rita and Shadow previously from the Montgomery County Humane Society, and the Veterinarian who started Pooleville Vetrerinary Clinic Dr. Peter Eig, had treated and cared for Rita when we first got her home from the shelter, as she was suffering from separation anxiety for several months till she became convinced we were not abandoning her when we left for work and school every day.

Rita was a party animal and when we took her to the kennel for boarding, she’d steal every toy and blanket from the adjoining runs every night. She was a real sweatheart and everyone who ever met her said she was a cool dog. She was always waiting at the door for my oldest daughter when she came home from school. She learned the sound of the bus and heard it when it was still two – three blocks away.
When she was happy and excited, she run laps around the house inside – liek Pepsi , and I still wonder how dogs can make 90 degrees turns at full speed.
We had to have her put to sleep when spinal degeneration finally robber her of the completer use of her rear legs. It was a hereditary complication from her being part german shepherd, she was shepherd chow mix, and a beautiful girl.

We adopted a black lab and chow mix, Shadow, in Deember 2002, and she looked much like Pepsi must have. She was a real outdoor dog, and loved the back yard. Unfortuantely, our time with Shadow was cut short this past October and we lost her to an undiagnosed condition that took her very suddenly.

We have buried Rita’s and Shadow’s ashes under their favoritie pear tree.

Now we have adopted our third dog, Ebony from a shelter in Paw Paw West Va.

She has really taken to my son, its a mutual admiration society. When she greats him, she practically wags her tail off. Our vet says everyone who meets her wants to take her home with them, and she’s just a big affection sponge. And now my wife is saying we need a second do to keep
Ebony company, and she wants it to be white dog so we can call him or her Ivory!

Dogs…. they give us their love, affection and devotion unconditionally and ask for so little from us in return. Is it any wonder they are Man’s best friend?

Thanks for a great and moving story.

Gary from MD