I saw this litte dog while visiting a friend of mine who had four dogs, none of which were getting their scheduled meds.

It was 2002. The little guy was maybe three months old. Later I would find out he was a red merle aussie.

He followed my friend’s every move. Five hours prior to this his sister or brother had been mauled on a ranch in the foothills by two pitbulls where my friend had been stringing fences. When he heard the first dog’s screems he hopped in his Jeep and sped up the road. By that time it was too late. But, Monte emerged from a bush and was saved.

When I saw Monte I told my friend “I’ll give you $100 for that dog.” He agreed.

Five years later Monte and I have been going to work together each day. I drop him off at doggie day care each day where he gets two play groups per day (on artificial turf with wading pools! The day before T’giving the owner barbecued 80lbs of turkey for the dogs).

(I wish I had his life.)
You can see Monte here.

He is everybody’s best friend and has touched so many lives in his five years.

Wes from CA