We just had to put down our 12 year young Beagle named Reba on Monday. She developed cancer this past spring. The vet gave her 3 months but she fought for 9. My favorite story of Reba came when she about 2 years old. We were at a horse show and were spending the night in a hotel. The hotel did not allow pets but it was to cold to leave Reba in a horse trailer. We wrapped Reba in a blanket and carried her into the hotel like a baby. She played the role perfectly, and did not make a sound In the morning when we left we walked past the hotel manager. He stopped us and asked us how are night was. Before we could react he opened the blanket to look at our baby. To his suprise he saw the large nose and big brown eyes of our Reba. He took a step back and was unable to speak. We thanked him for his hospitality and quickly left the hotel. There is a hole in my heart that I know will never be healed since her passing. I have other dogs in my family, and I am sure there will others in the future, but there will never be another Reba.

Steve from WI