Thankyou Mr.Levin,
This is a testament to the love and loyalty to and of my friend ‘Raiko’. She was a Husky/Timber wolf mix. The runt of the litter of a friends pets. I first saw her at a party at my buddys’ house when the pups were only weeks old.

She was so tiny and frial that she could barely walk but she walked right to me amongst the other 6 pups. A month later I stopped by my friends house for a few drinks after work and she was the only pup left. Nobody wanted her. I paid him $150 and took her home. The week after I brought her home,she got out of my fence. I walked to look for her to fing a group of kids in a circle kicking the hell out of her. I alone walked into th middle of a circle of thugs and picked her up without saying a word but giving a stare that could kill and went home with my Babygirl. Three yrs. later I had moved into a home that I intended to buy and have moved to a rural area with a Marine friend of mine and his Rottie” William”. Raiko had her first boyfriend! She and William were inseperable. One night after playing a gig at a local club, I came home and went to bed, Raiko at the foot of my bed as always.

At 5am she woke me by chewing on my arm. When I opened my eyes, I saw flames above me engulfing my ceiling. I had just enough time to wake my roomie and get us out before the fire consumed the house. Raiko saved mine ,my roomie’s and Williams’ lives. She died of lymphoma last year. She wasnt a pet. She was my best friend and a loyal companion.

Anonymous from FL

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  1. dennam Says:

    To F.Lee Levin and friends,
    God bless you all. You are the most rightious and compassionate people on Earth and I thank you from the depths of my heart for the caring and compassion that you exert. God bless you and yours as well as all of your listeners.
    Sincerely, Den