About 5 years ago, around Father’s Day- My wife Teri and I were at the local flea market in Dalton, GA walking around. we people watch as much as shop. The regulars- the guys who come and set up at the usual table week after week, Leaving the “outskirts and dirt lot areas for the One shot guys- Someone selling the contents from their home, or what we enjoy- Seeing the farmers with the chickens and other smaller farm animals. We adopted a goat from one such dealer , It was someone’s pet at one point- He loved to be petted and was very friendly and outgoing. imagine my horror to see 2 guys from “Points Way south” trying to muster enough english to barter and bargain for this poor goat. I offered the original asking price-Showed cash and walked away with the poor soul (we still have “Mr. Bojangles”) this story is about another pet rescued on the day in question. He was seen in a little box, some dirty, booger faced kid with the Fan/Spray bottle over then “Keepin’ the critters cold” what her reason (the poor things were Hot, nothing to drink and she kept squirting them in the face!) And at the bottom of these poor souls I saw the runt, a little shock of white on his face- looking up with this hopeless “please rescure me from this” look.
Again, we paid cash and saved another poor soul from the wierdo’s at that flea market. they swore he was pure bread, they said he’d not be very big!

We were the proud(?) owners of a Vietnamese Pot belly Pig…We thought.

Pinky he was named for the patch of pink on his nose. He was active and housebroke quickly. about a week later, he got very ill, could hardly walk as if he was in horrible pain. i thought for sure we have to put him under, But the Vet said If I was willing to but the meds, the Vet would show us what to do. (He had arthritic Septecemia- a infection with arthritis symptoms) We had to give him Around the clock injections, But he pulled through and was doing OK- God knows he could EAT!

Pinky liked to chase around with the dogs, and I built him a ramp since his legs were too small for the stairs. When he wanted to come in, He’d rub his nose on the aluminum door to tell you so. He ate “Mini pig food” but let me tell ya- HE ATE LOTS! he eventually went to 300 lbs, He was HUGE! (Some Pot belly! the vet says Pinky was Part farm Hog.Pinky learned a few tricks-He had a kiddy pool he’d play in. If my wife saw him in it, she’d call out to him to “Make bubbles for Mommy!”He’d take a huge breath, Plunge down in the water and exhale with a force that would make the whole Tub and water shake like crazy. He’d then look up and make this sqeaky noise that sounded just like laughter. He liked a Hamster ball that I got and drilled holes into. I’d put some dry food or similar and he’d push the ball around for a treat.Another thing pinky loved was to follow me into my Ham radio station, Snug up on the rug at my feet and listen to the Morse code or RTTY sounds. If I switched to “Phone” (telephone voice…) He’d get up and leave! He loved to have his Belly rubbed, he loved all kinds of attention. If I was working on a car in our garage where he stayed (He got WAY too big to be in the house)- He’d walk up and “Snoot” you to get your attention. He would keep it up until you stopped and “Loved him back” Scratching his belly or behind his ears. He would also stand guard when the UPS man came around. The neighbors would stop and look at Pinky from the road- Most we amazed that “Old Pinky” never left the yard.
On July 6th,2007- We returned from a drive to Atlanta to find that something or somehow, He wandered out the the farthest area of the yard- an area with no Shade at all. Pinky’s eyesight was getting bad, and I believe he was confused to where he was- Could not find his way back to shade (It was 102 that day) and Passed away from heat stroke. We found him on the hill a good 150 feet from where his pool and water bowl was at. Which makes me think something scared him away.

I never thought I could have been so heart broken. I feel like I lost a friend and a member of my family. Here- almost 6 months later, I still cry when I think of my Poor Pig, dying there alone. My favorite pet ever, the georgia Mascot of the American Radio Relay League…GONE. I am still trying to come to terms with it.

Recently- a airforce member emailed me he has a Piggy that needs my help, the soldier is going overseas again, He did not think he had to- But he is. Now his beloved pet needs a home, and I am glad to say that we are trying to work out the details to help the soldier and provide a loving home for his pet. I am offering to keep the pig until his “Dad” returns, But Pigs are “1-owner” animals, they don’t adjust well being handed off all the time.

Well, that’s my message. We adopted EVERY animal we own. 5 dogs, 3 goats a Guinea hen and now a new Pig maybe. It has been a emotional mess at times, but I encourage everyone who needs a pet- ADOPT. there are so many Dogs, Cats and yes- pigs who need our help!

I hope that Pinky is “out there” hanging out with the other pets memorialized on this site, and somehow can read our words of love and grief, Of hope and pain and know how much they were really truly loved.


Drew from GA