Paws, Prince, Annabelle,

It’s me breathing down your back, lead the charge, I am ready to kick some butt (being nice here) and if necessary with a half dozen Repub..la…cans and starting with “The Body” H. Reed…one of the Traitors, after we finish him we’ll tell T. Kennedy to shut up and if he misunderstands and stands up we’ll whip his butt. Next we’ll look for little Dicky Durbin. I am past ready for the Republicans to get some backbone.

Now, Sprint…I know the loss you suffer by losing him. I am in my twilite years, spent 6 years in the US Navy..submarine sailor. Just before I left for my last patrol my Mother-in-law gave me and the wife a heinz 57 varity puppy which we named Paws (his feet were big for his size and he looked like a small German Shepard), he lived about 15 years…he was a smart dog. Because of his failing health we had to put him down, we brought his body home, both of us weeping as we left the Vets office. I was always fortunate enough to be able to bring my Pets home for burial. Not without plenty of tears. Next we got this beautiful Irish Setter, this happened about 3 years before we lost Paws, we were moving to the beach area and I seen Prince (the Irish Setter) playing near a ditch in the old neighborhood and he was a little on the skinny side and I told the wife that he was going to the beach with us. Frequently as I came home from work he’ll be beside the road and I would call him to follow me home and so I could feed him. You can tell that the owners were not taking care of him, my calling him went on for a time and it was getting close to moving to the beach.

One day my beautiful Wife had Prince at the house, and I said, “what’s” going on with him”? She told me that she went and talked with the owners and they took $30 for him. I’ve got everything working for me. Prince lasted until he was 10 years, his demise came about as a result of an infection in one of his anal glands, the Vet did surgery and I carried Prince to the car (stationwagon) and laid him in the back…he was still droggy from the surgery. When we got him home I carried him (approximately 95 lbs) to a bed we made in the kitchen for him. During the night I heard Prince whimper and thought nothing of it, but that was the last sound I heard from him, the wife found him in the morning, he had passed. Oh, the sobbing, I was digging his grave sobbing as I laid him to rest.

Two months had past and the Wife said, “we were not going to grow old and fat sitting in a chair”….so that meant that we would get Annabelle a salt and pepper Miniature Schnazauer, no shedding, and talk about a smart dog, there is a smart breed, never did have a dumb dog (Vet kinda indicated that Prince might have that gene, no Prince was smart too, he would go to the other side of the yard and sit if he knew I was mad at him, I had to go over and make up to him before he would come back to me). Annabelle kept my sanity….she help me through the toughest period in my life when I lost my Wife. I would have given everything I have if the Wife would still be living, we often said, “we could live on the street if we had too as long as we had each other”. That emptyed my heart and you don’t ever get over it. Well, Annabelle lasted 2 years after that trama and she started having seizures at night and lost control of her back legs…as an act humaneness I brought her to the Vet and stayed with her as the injection was administed. I cann’t tell you the amount of guilt I felt. The trust and love that these Pets give is inmeasurable and Annabelle helped me through my Wife’s passing.

Now, I am involved with a beautiful Yorkie-Poo, a mix of a Yorkie and Poodle, she would fit in your hand at six weeks…she is now about 6 1/2 lbs. She’s is as smart as a whip.

Mark, you’ve got the whole east coast crying, don’t you have a happy story you can tell us? That is before you teach about the Constitution.

Dennis from NC