Right now our hearts are breaking. At 4:45 P.M. on December 7, 2007 we put our beloved Oliver to sleep forever. We got Sir Oliver III in October of 1995 when he was 2 years old at a garage sale. The sale had many cool things in it and then the couple added that the miniature long haired dauchshund was for sale. He won our hearts immediately. The funny thing was that we were not looking for a dog but there he was. The couple were both crying when we left with him. And what a journey we had with him!! For $75 what a joy he was. He won many a heart over to him, even those who were not ‘dog people’. The memories and stories about Oliver are priceless to us, and ,as you know, they live in us for our lifetimes.
We bought your book and have already read it. It, too, is priceless.
Keep up with all the good work that you do. We really do appreciate you.

Susan and Ken from KS