I had to say farewell to a furry loved one, and five days shy of her second birthday. She had hemolytic anemia really bad. We did all but a bone marrow transplant. My loving and kind vet assured me that after the blood transfusions, my Murphy had little hope of surviving such an operation. I was with her as she left my life. Never does a day pass when I don’t miss her. And there will always be that lingering guilt. Could I have done more? Like you, I have her cremated. Unlike you, I keep her with me. For months I kept her between my pillows, where she would sleep. Even after a Christmas puppy came into my arms, she was there. After some time, I placed her in an equally precious home. My girl, Reilly has helped me move on. But I lost two dogs in that time…one passing in her sleep…the other by my signature on a piece of paper.

My Dad gave me your book about Sprite tonight as a Christmas gift. I read it in two hours. I sobbed. I hurt. I glorified my Roxy and Murphy. I felt your journey, and hurt all over again. But I saw you welcome a new dog, as I was forced to do with the gift of Reilly.

And like Robert Frost said about the road not taken…that has made all the difference.

Your book was emotionally hard to finish, but I am glad I did. I feel some much need kindred spirit has helped me find a way to gain closure.

Bless you. Thank you.


Melissa from LA