This is a picture of Moses our great dane. We got him from a dane rescue shelter. He was just a pup. This is his 4th year birthday (oct 11th) with my father in the background, trying to get a hat on his head. He is truly one of the family. You can see how large he is in relation to a person. He is 220lbs and is as gental as a mouse (A really big mouse hehe). That unknown author poem that mark read on the air was so stunning I had to copy it word for word for a friend that had to put her dog down. It was really helpful. Thanks for your time and tell the great one he is the armor that keeps us republicans safe in this fight…


Joe from NJ


2 Responses

  1. Jeff Namie Says:

    Moses, your so sweet looking. I hope your owner considers putting you on a diet for your obesity. 220 pounds is just too heavy for a handsome guy like you!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    wow! What an outstanding dog!