About 8 weeks ago I lost my beloved and loyal 11 year old Akita Montana. I had Montana since he was 6 months old. He was always the picture of health till one day when I arrived home from work. He did not come out of his doggy dog to greet me on the driveway and stand there with tail wagging and voice howling “where have you been all day”. I was quite concerned and rushed to the door only to see him trying to get up to come to me. I called to him and as he came to me, he collapsed on the floor. Needless to say I was hysterical but I could see he was still breathing and was trying desparately to open his eyes to let me know he heard me. I was able to get help and take him to the Emergency Animal Hospital where many tests were done-only to find that Montana had a tumor on his heart that was in-operable. He underwent a pericardial window which would allow blood to drain away from his heart and ease his breathing. He survived this procedure and was resting comfortably.

About 2 hours after talking to the cardiologist I was called and told that Montana was in cardiac arrest. The doctors had been working on him for sometime but things were not going well. I told them to please let him go. I went down to the animal hospital where he was They brought him to me so I could tell him that I loved him and I was so sorry that this had to happen to us. He was beautiful and peaceful-he had struggled for almost 6 days to breath. I loved this dog with my whole heart. The grieving period has been a tough one. I sit at my desk every day and look at his picture. I miss his happy howl and our after work walks. There will never be another Montana.

To Mark–My dear friend is an avid fan of yours. He went to your book signing and bought me your book-he was hoping it would help me through this difficult time. Your book was a wonderful read-it made me smile and then cry for your loss and for mine. I know today (9/7/07) is a tough day for you and your family and my thoughts are with you all.

Barbara from NY