Molly and Brown Swiss

So several years ago, my ex-wife’s uncle had this Pomeranian dog that was older and sicker and needed a new home.

Judy is a Registered Veterinary Technician, Purdue University graduate, and he asked her if he would take Molly.

We were a CAT family….what use would we have for a dog ?

Molly, as old as she was, learned the ways of the cat world….peeing in the litter boxes, and even very late in life, could just throw herself off the edge of the bed without breaking anything ! (bones, etc !)

So this last Monday before Thanksgiving, it was time to send Molly to go be with her uncle and all the other cats and dogs she had known in her life…..and one of the cats, Brown Swiss just loved the heck out of this little dog.

On Sunday night, Brown Swiss bathed the dog and cleaned her all up.

On Wednesday, after being sick and at the vet on Tuesday and all night Tuesday night with Judy at the emergency clinic where she works, Brown Swiss came home and died on Wednesday afternoon. There was absolutely NO medical reason found for Brown Swiss to be dead ! NONE !

As we both sat there crying and pondering “What killed Brown Swiss ?” the answer was right there….he died of a broken heart !

God bless them both !


Eugene from IN