Dear Mark,

It’s 10:00pm Christmas Eve, I received your book Rescuing Sprite this morning as a gift from my father, I just finished it. First I want to give my condolences to you and your family on the loss of your family member Sprite. I say a family member because we dog lovers know it’s never just a pet, but a very special addition to the family.

About five years ago we lost my “sister” her name was Midnight we had her for 17 years ( and it still wasn’t long enough). She was brought into our home when I was three years old, I never knew life before her and that she is gone a part of me will never be the same. She was the sweetest, most affection dogs I’d had ever seen. When I was little, she was so calm she used to let me paint her nails, I always wanted a sister and since I didn’t have one, she was forced to walk around with bright red nails. She slept on the edge of my bed every night. The day she passed was very unusual for some reason my entire family was home, except my father who was working. We noticed Midnight was acting strange, so she called my father home and he scooped her up and ran her to the vet. By the time she was put on the table she was gone. We believe she waited to go until she could be with dad. When my father came home he was clearly upset, but I never saw him cry before. My mother was screaming in disbelief and my father was inconsolable. She was his best fiend. For 17 years he never needed an alarm clock, she woke him up every morning at 5:30am( even on the weekends too), they had breakfast together and then she would go back to sleep for th day until he returned. I never thought that losing her would hurt so much, but it’s undescribable.

We adopted her from a shelter and have since again adopted another dog, her name is Jessie and she fills our home with so much love and laughter. This morning she opened all her own gifts, ripping the paper off each one. It was so wonderful for our family to be together laughing with this wonderful addition to our family. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing g this loving, companionate book. Today you made me feel the presence of my dear “sister” Midnight. I miss her dearly, but know I know she has a friend Sprite up there to play with in doggy heaven.

April from NJ