Hi Mark,
I listen to your show and when people talk about the pets they have lost I have to say I can’t bear to hear them and maybe selfishly I am greatful it is not me at this point in time. That changed today. Our young cat Mazie died this morning. This was unexpected. She went to the vet today to be spayed. There was nothing wrong with her although we thought she may be in heat so we thought this was a good time. We also requested to have the chip put in her becuae we would be devestated if she were to get lost. We had her examined 2 days ago to be sure she was ok before she would have the procedure. Everything checked out and she was scheduled to have the operation this morning.According to the vet she had a cardiac arrest after the operation. (I am suspecious) but there really is very little recourse.

I have requested a full report from the vet but this is just to make sure he realizes this was someone’s family member and if there was incompentence on his part he will think next time but what else can you do. Our little Mazie is gone and I am sitting here crying with a broken heart. We found her outside a few months ago. She jumped into ours arms which is rare for an outside cat. She appeared to be young and she was missing her tail. She immediatley became a part of our family and our other 5 cats (all rescued as a litter 2 years ago) loved her. It feels as though they sense something is wrong. They were all just playing this morning. I have a terrible headake from crying and I feel sick in my stomach everytime I see her little face in my mind.

Angela from PA

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  1. Laura Says:

    I am so sorry for you and please take care of yourself. I have lost many cats and you never really recover. Love the rest of your cats and please pray to recover. I have 5 cats now??

  2. Debra Burger Says:

    Hi Angela, I am so sorry for your loss. I read your story and you mentioned that she was in heat.
    Many vets will not spay when an animal is in heat.
    You may also want to ask what type of anesthesia they used. It does make a difference!!! Unfortunately, any operation is a risk but at least you should have the facts. Some vets use a cheaper anesthesia and it has a higher fatality rate.
    God Bless and give your other kitties a big hug!! P.S. I would find a new vet.