Maxwell & Krups

Mark, I just finished your wonderful book last nite, and the details of your families life with Sprite brought back so many memories of our Max, who we lost 6 years ago.

I , too held back from going through it again, but the joy of being with Max drove us to buy Krups. Krups is a minature poodle version of Pepsi, with the episodes of running through the house, the looks of understanding, the smiles, and the love of walking!

I , also, went through a health issue, cancer. Throughout the illness, the surgery, and the long confinment to bed, Krups never left my side, always concerned, and finally, like you Mark, led me to walking the neighborhood as fraile as you were. He led me,as your dog did for you, to better health. When I finished the book, I couldn’t help myself, I picked Krup’s up and held him for a long time, and told him about Sprite and about how much God has blessed our family, and how he blessed your’s with Pepsi and Sprite. You think you were crushed by Sprite’s passing, but you were unbelivably strong, stronger than I was at the end for Maxwell, and I feel guilty that I didn’t do the things you did for Sprite. To me, the simple moral of the book is that these gifts from God, our pets, as you say, teach us to be like them, more like the angels that they are. Thank you Mark

Jim and Claudia from FL