I sent a reply to you awhile back about my kitties and dog Max. Now I have another story to tell. When I first read your book Saving Sprite I could hardly read it in one sitting without getting choked up. I remember thinking what would I do if I had to face this with Max. The pain was to great to even think of. But last week Max went down in his hips, we took him to the vet and they tried meds, and he ralied one day. December 24 2007 we had to say goodbye to a very dear and faithful friend. They think it was some sort of cancer going on and since he could not stand, I could not let him suffer. Max came to us at 4 weeks of age, and gave us 10 years of great joy. The pain is so raw. But it was almost like your book was preparing me for this. So now I say so long to my faithful friend, I will never forget you.


Sheila from GA