I have been with you since the beginning of your talk radio carrer. This book brought great pleasure to my wife,son and I. It also allowed me to hear you talk about the book on several of my favorite talk shows( Rush and Shaun). We have always had English Setters, for I love hunt with a beautiful bird Dog and love to watch them work. One day we got a phone call from friends of ours saying they found this dog and wanted to know if we could give it home. My wife always had notions of having a dog of her own and would not go nuts everytime I put a hunting coat on.We went over their house and was introduced to Mattie. he got this name because of the white M in her chest of black fur. Mattie was a throughbreed Heinz 57. My Vet could not even give me his best guess. Mattie had a rope burn on her neck and you could see her ribs. We brought her home and introduced her to Sandy our English Setter. They went nuts over each other. Mattie turned out to be the leader and protector of our family. She got Sandy to quite being a finicky eater. Because Mattie was starving when we got her, Sandy learned to eat her food or Mattie took care of the extras.I was walking Sandy on a lease when one of the neighbors dogs ran over and bit Sandy on the nose drawing blood. Sandy was wagging her tail and bent down to greet the dog when it attacked her. The dog did not see Mattie behind me. When Mattie heard Sandy yelp she sprung into action. The strange dog never came onto our prooperty again. I did stop Mattie before things got to bad. Mattie gave us many years of love and protetion. Even at fourteen when we thought was going to dieI paid a rediquis amount of money to have life saving surgery performed, Mattie lived with for seventeen years and she started to fail. When the time came my wife told me I had to do the deed. I took Mattie to the Vet. He agreed it was time. Mattie was slipping in and out. I held her in my arms. He said a doggy prayer that musy have come right from the Lord himself.She passed away in my arms. I went out to my car and started to sob. People passing by would see me and tears would well up in their eyes as if saying that they had been there to.

Mega Ditto’s because Your a great American and God bless you.

James from OH