Fifteen or Eighteen years ago while living in California my son and his wife took their dog to the vet. While ther they met a red haired shepherd type dog that had been abandoned at the clinic. They decided that he would be the perfect fathers day gift. After taking the dog they contacted my wife with their plan and she said no no. They kept him and named him Marvin. After many moves incuding Japan they and we moved to Virginia. They live in a townhouse and at age 12 or so Marvin could not get up and down the three flights of steps. They asked if I would take him because we lived in a single family house in Manassas. I laughed saying it took 12 years but I finally get my gift.


Marvin loved his new house and improved physically. He was a great companion. I had also slowed down and we spent hours reading with him at my feet. One day however he appeared to be about 3 years of age. An unwelcome visitor came to my door. We argued and he would not let me close the door. Marvin woke from his nap and came to my side. His hackles rose, his teeth were bared and he growled from deep in his belly. The visitor left quietly. My son and I accompanied him to the vet and we like you had probably the worst day of our lives.


Gail from VA