Rescuing Sprite is a beautiful but heartbreaking memoir of a cherished family dog and the bond we share with them.  Having been adopted by many dogs myself – all who left my life much sooner than I was ready to see them depart, my heart ached as I truly felt  your pain.  Our 10 year old rescue dog, Maggie , a golden lab has an autoimmune disorder and has had many close calls but seems to rally at the last minute.  She is my shadow, a therapy/helping dog for children with disabilities and the very best companion dog I have ever had. Each day is celebrated as a bonus.  We adopted her from the Atlanta Humane Society to fill the void left behind by the loss of our 17 year old and 16 year old Tibetan Terriers.  Over my 65 years, I have lost several dogs before to old age or tragic accidents.  But each one of them live on through fond memories and photos.  I cannot imagine our lives without a dog in our house – it would not be a home without them.  Sprite looks so much like my Maggie even though they seem to be of different breeds.  It must be the sweetness they portray in through their shining eyes and smiling faces.  Enjoy the years you have with Pepsi and Griffen and always remember that Sprite lives on in your memories.



Susan & Maggie from GA