I was given a copy of your book, Rescuing Sprite, for Christmas. We lost our dearly beloved Golden Retriever, Maggie (17), in October of this year. I couldn’t put your wonderful story down on Christmas Day. My family was given Maggie as a puppy when I was going through a divorce raising three little children. Maggie got us through many tough situations and seemed to hold the family together. She was a diamond in the rough, and we loved her immeasurably. I was remarried 13 years ago, and our merged family of five children simply adored her. Many nights my husband and I took turns sleeping downstairs with Maggie as she got older. One of my sons (23) and I had to put her down while my husband was away on business and it was extremely difficult for both of us. I wasn’t sure how he would handle this and I was worried. My husband wanted us to wait for him to return home, but Maggie was telling us it was too much for her to wait one more day. Now that time has passed, I know we did the right thing. Driving home from the vet’s, both of us crying in the car, my son said, “Mom, I just had to look at her big brown eyes so that both of us could see each other until the end. I wanted her to know I loved her.” Our love of Maggie was your story. Your Sprite filled my heart and touched my soul on Christmas Day, and I just wanted to thank you for writing it.

Sally from CT