I just read your book, it touched me deeply. I have three wonderful dogs. One is a Dobie named Luke who jumped out of a pickup and had a swelled spine and couldn’t walk. His owners couldn’t afford treatment and were going to put him to sleep. He was only a year old. He was the most gentle, sweet dog you have ever met. I asked the vet clinic I worked at if I could persuade the owners to sign over ownership to me and i would take over care for this dog. They gave me permission. The owners quickly signed over ownership.


Luke had to have a wheelchair, since his back leg did not work, and he had to be on an elevated bed. About 6 weeks after we got him on Thanksgiving Day 2006, Luke took his first wobbley steps on his own. My husband and I were overjoyed. To this day Luke still walks alittle funny, but otherwise can do everything a normal dog can do. I am so happy i had the chance to make a difference in this dog’s life. The joy he has brought to our family is indescribable.


Amanda from AR