I heard your show for the first time last week on my way home from class. I caught you in the middle talking about Sprite, I was taken by the passion and love that you displayed for your dog.

The story that I want to share with you is about our dog Lucky. During the winter of 2004 my fraternity Kappa Eta Kappa (KHK) decided to find a dog for the house. She was a three year old chocolate lab that we rescued from a puppy mil, she was used and abused as a breeder mom for two years of her life. When we met Lucky she looked sad and was sharing a cage with an old yellow lab we knew we had to take her home and rescue her. When we got Lucky home she was scared and confused about her surroundings. We found out over the next few days that she had been malnourished and beaten. She would hardly eat, never smile, and would never leave the corner of the room she was in.


Within two weeks she was eating regularly, within a month she was all around the house saying hello to all she found. As the summer the fallowing year passed Lucky became more and more of a handful and a joy to be around but not all of the members of the fraternity thought we could keep her, after much debate we decided to give her to our local coast guard station were we met a group of men who were deserving and respectable. As a plus one of the men also had a chocolate lab that Lucky gets along with like a brother. I get to see Lucky every now and again and she is happy and healthy in her new home. Mark i feel i can relate to you having taken a soul into our homes loving them and becoming part of out family only having them taken from us to early. Today I have two dogs my a shieba enu named Leo and a new jack russel/ fox terrier puppy named Ivan


Chad from WI