Talk about my favorite Christmas present ! As hard as he tries my husband of 37 years often just misses with my Christmas gift. ( It’s so him that I expect him to miss and am always surprised). This year he has so hit on the perfect present for me. My copy of “Rescuing Sprite” was a total surprise and I love it. I finished reading it on the 26th of Dec! I laughed and smiled and giggled and cried and sobbed. Thank you for sharing your story.


I have lost a few dogs in my life. The last was 61/2 years ago when my beloved dalmatian Luckie developed a brain tumor and we had to have him euthanized to save him pain. He was only 10 years old. I still miss him every day. ( I still have his ashes because I don’t know where I will live the rest of my life and I want to be near him.) I will treasure your book that so deftly put into words some of the things I feel. Thank you! (On a side note you mentioned your brother Doug on page 142 as having scoliosis. I too am a scoliosis sufferer. I never had the opportunity for surgery and find lots of support at scolios-support.org and would like to invite him to join us to help other scoliosis patients. It costs nothing and he may well be a real savior to others. Thank you.


Jean from OK