Lover of Dogs

My mother, father and I are only children. So you can tell right away my fanily has been small. Most of my life I’ve had a dog or dogs. They have been my brothers, sisters and of course my besr friends. Every time I’ve lost one it’s been a heartache. I’ve also lost a son when he was 30 yrs old. A true heartache. However without my family and friends it would have been unbareable. We all know God has His plan we don’t always know what it is but He did make sure I had my dogs! I don’t know if I can really tell you how but without them Im not sure I could have gotten through my sons loss with out them. the unconditional love my dogs gave to me helped so much. I really don’t have the words in my heart to properly describe my feelings. I don’t ever want to be without them.


Thank you for the book . You are able to say these word so much better than I can. Thank you for your show . I listen every chance I can. Which is just about every day. If only people had the insight that our dogs have what a wourld we would have. Hey maybe that is heaven. Thank you again.


Lottie from TX

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  1. Sara Says:

    I bought your book and finished it today! I live in Switzerland and am active in animal welfare. I love dogs and all animals. I have 3 cats. I cried during your book, last year my beloved cat of eleven years died and I felt just like you.

    Sara from Switzerland