Lady, Misty

Dear Mark:

Hello, Your book about Sprite was very inspiring, i just loved it! you had mentioned that you didn’t think anyone would care about your story, I think you are finding out that their alot of people in this world that are caring and place their dogs as a very important part of thier life! I had resuced a small Benji looking dog, I called her Lady, she was with me where ever I went, I had her for 13 years, she started having medical problems, and my husband and I took her to purdue university, she had early cell carcinoma, a type of bladder cancer, even with the medication it just made her sicker, when the inevitable came, it was the worst day of my life! I was distraught for months, These feelings are hard to explain to other people who have never known what it is like to have that certain bond with a dog. In 2002, I had went to Animlal Aid pet adoption day, at a local Pet Supply Plus, I then had noticed a small dog, a beautiful one year old miniature chow, they had called Misty, Misty was a special needs dog, they told me that all of her legs had gotten broken and that she was dumped off like trash at the humane society,when she was about 6 monhts old.

They wouldn’t tell me how she had gotten her legs broken, I fell in love with Misty, and I had sat down by Misty, I talked to her, and petted her, and told her how wonderful she is, and she did the best she could to sit in my lap, I then had filled out the adoption papers. When my husband and I recieved a telephone call that my husband and I would be parents of Misty, I was so excited, my husband and I couldn’t wait to see Misty, when Misty arrived at our home, it was as if she knew she belonged here, she stayed real close to me, and when the foster mom left, I thought Misty would go to the door, but she just stayed close to me and my husband, since Misty was a special needs dog, I raised her food and water bowls, she could walk on the 3 of her 4 legs, but couldn’t use her back right leg normally, I had taken Misty to our wonderful veterinarian, and he talked about taking xrays of Mistys legs, and upper torso, just to see how her legs healed, he said that he was amazed at how she could even walk at all. We had talked about any reconstructive surgery for the leg that was lame, and he suggested we take Misty to Michigan State University animal hospital, so in September of 2002, Misty was brought in and the doctor did a wonderful job, Misty was able to walk on all four legs now! Misty could run like the wind, Misty wagged her tail so fast, I thought she would take off like a helicopter, I did physical therapy on Misty four times a day for a month, she is spoiled, or I would say she has us spoiled, she has the run of the house, sleeps with my husband and I. Misty has helped me and my husband get through some very tough times, Misty has been our godsend.

My husband and I treasure each and evey minute we have with Misty, we adore her, she has given us so much in return. Please give Pepsi and Griffen lots of hugs for us, I know Sprite and my Lady are having fun with all the other dogs in heaven. Take care,

Darla from MI