I had a beauitful malamute named Kyia which I got at the age of 18. She was 6 weeks old when I adopted her and I had her until she was 15 years old. She went every where with me, including college and several moves thru the midwest then on to Colorado, down to Oklahome and then to Texas. She was everyone’s friend and people loved seeing her. She looked like a 90 lbs wolf!

I too had to put her to sleep and the decision came after she slipped down a hill behind our home and fell into the frozen creek. She had back problems and we, like you, did not want to subject her to a surgery that she might not make it thru. After my husband scooped her out of the freezing water we knew it was time. It was the hardest decision I have ever been faced with making. She was the light of my life and it took me many many years to get over losing her.

I loved your book and I understand what you went thru. God bless you for having taken Spritey in and loving her even for the short time you had. I now have 3 rescues, 2 that are 10 years old (and 1 that is 3 ) and I know that someday, I will experience the pain that comes with love and loss but they are such a great source of happiness that I will put that worry aside for another time.

Thank you for writing your story.

Julia from TX