Kati, Lexi

Hi Mark,

Let me first say I enjoy your show and I am about halfway through with your book. It is already hard to hold the tears back as I read about Sprites deteriorating health. I am a 51 year old retired Air Force Master Sergeant, and it is hard not to shed tears as I read.

Anyways, it has been almost 10 years that my wife and I said goodbye to our sweet dog Katy. I still regret the day I did this. We got Katy as a pup. She was a mix Golden Retriever and white German Shepherd. We had her for about 5 years. When I retired in 1998, my wife and I moved from Missouri to Michigan. Because we were going to lease a house, we had to find a new home for Katy. They would not allow us to have a pet in the house we leased. Before we left Missouri we found a good home (so we thought for her). An elderly couple wanted her through the pictures and bio we had sent out. They had her for only a short time and it did not work out. So Katy went to a rescue center. She was adopted by another family, but for only a short time. Katy’s problem was she did not get along too well with kids. When she was a pup the neighbor kids would tease her, coax her over to the fence, then kick the fence and yell at her. So Katy grew up not liking kids too much. Soon we found out this family decided they did not want her, and back to the rescue center she went. A short time later we got a letter and picture from the rescue center who we thought would find another home for her, or possibly keep her until our lease ran out and we would be able to get her back. She stated in her letter that the picture she sent was to show us Katy one more time. She looked so sad Mark it brought tears to my eyes. What the lady was actually telling us was, take one last look at Katy. We found out they put her down. My heart still aches over this Mark, and it has been almost 10 years. I will never, never ever do this to a dog again. It pains me to even think of how she went from one home to another, and was rejected. I will do what ever it takes to keep the dog my wife and I have now until she dies naturally, or develops deteriorating health like Sprite.

Shortly after my wife and I moved to Texas, we adopted another Golden Retriever from the Texas Golden Retriever Club of North Texas. We have had her for a couple of years. She was rescued from the Katrina Hurricane. My wife and I have no children, so Lexi is our spoiled child, and spoiled she is. We love her so much. People probably think we are crazy, but we don’t care. A dog adds so much joy to your life. We can’t wait to get home when we are away because we know Lexi will be so excited to see us return home.

Thanks for your book Mark. It has caused me to get down on the floor and hug and play with Lexi that much more. I like you Mark, believe dogs sense and feel the love they receive. She loves to curl up next to me on the couch when I read. When I lower my head, she lifts hers and gives me a BIG lick (kiss) on my cheek.
God bless you Mark,

Mike from TX