Joyful Addition to the Family

Hey Mark,


I have not had a dog for a few years,10 years tooo much! my five year old wanted a dog. Like a lot of people, I said we have two cats, and that is enough! but when we found this new member to our family, it all seemed to click. We got her from a shelter in Mariposa co. CA. She is now appx. 2 years old, and is one of the best things in my life besides my wife, daughter, and all my family. We love youre show, keep up the great work. Lots of love.


The Kroekers from CA

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  1. Stella Says:

    I just read Rescuing sprite. I have to tell you I wept buckets, because it reminded me of my little Flossie.
    Flossie was rescued in 1999 from hoodlums trying to drown her in chemicals. As a result she was blind and had very little fur. The miscreants also bruised her (very apparent) ribs.
    I met her at the Animal Shelter and knew that she was goming home with me. When I took her home she weighed 7 lbs 6 oz. She was almost 11 lbs when she died in April, 2006, somewhere between 15 and 17 years old. She still wasn’t fat.
    I miss my little “naked bellied mole rat” every day. I never cease being amazed that every dog I have ever had is clearly the best dog in the world.