I just finished reading “Rescuing Sprite.” It took me back to the time when I was 9 years old and got a little black ball of fur for Christmas. I named him Jingles, he had a white stripe on his chest much like Pepsi, but Jingles was a Border Collie.
My 2 previous dogs had been hit by cars. So I prayed really hard that God would help this dog live to be very old. That he would be famous like Lassie. And that he would go to Heaven with me.


(The famous like Lassie part never happened). But he lived in the bossom of our family until he was almost 18 years old. My mom and dad had finally had him put down.  And that taught me to have faith that God, being the loving God that He is, would not be able to ignore the prayers of millions of children, as well as adults all over the world who have prayed that they will one day be with their beloved pets in eternity.

Jingles was so much a part of my life, as were Nicky and Bridget, and now Brandy. How could they not be part of my eternity.


Geri from TX