Thank you for your book about RESCUING SPRITE. I just learned that my grand dog Jewel has kidney disease. I read your book on the day I received the information. We know nothing more, but your book helped me.
Jewel is a jewel of a dog. She was brought into my daughter’s vet. office in labor. She had 8 half decayed babies inside her. My daughter brought her to our house to recuperate, and my other daughter adopted her eventually. She was malnoursihed, afraid of metal in your hand eg. spatula, and had obvioulsy been beaten. She was 10 lbs underweight, no hair on nose, chest or ears due to severe malnutrition. She is a small dog and is part pit bull. She loves everyone and every animal and does not have a mean bone in her body. She is also almost the spitting image of our pure bred pit bull Diamond, my favortie dog of all time, and now deceased, but Jewel is only 1/3 the size, a permanent puppy.


Before her operation a year or so ago for cancer on one leg and a tear on the other leg, she loved to play ball 24 hours a day. She will put the ball back into your hand. Anyway she is another specia,l special dog. She has just started playing ball again, I have no idea what will happen because we are waiting for the results of other tests, but I am going to enjoy every single second I have left with her. That is what your book taught me.


Thank you again for the book


Cecelia from CA