Jake, Whiskey

Dear Mr. Levin:

Thanks so much for writing the book, “Rescuing Sprite.” It really touched me deeply and helped me better deal with the loss of our “rescued” Jake. I finished the “Rescuing Sprite” book the other night. It’s such a Great story. There isn’t one of the emotions you described that I haven’t felt. It made me feel somewhat better to know that there are so many others who have gone through the same thing and who experience the same feelings. Maybe there is hope for our world after all. I don’t know if I could ever write a book, but I’m pretty good at articles, essays and poems.

I’ll send separately what I wrote to my brother on Nov. 16, the day we had to put Jake down, and there are 2 poems I wrote when we lost our pets. I think you might enjoy them.

The first one, “And Now We Cry for Our Little Guy” is about our Jake that we just lost. As you well know, the poem barely touches the tip of the iceberg of his personality. He died of Hermangiosarcoma, a sudden, aggressive, fast growing cancer that is untreatable. The Vet said, “those tough dogs just don’t tell you when they hurt until it’s too late.” But thinking back the last few months, sometimes he would come up to me, and gently touch me with his paw, and then just sit and stare into my eyes, like he was trying to tell me, and I just didn’t get it. That will haunt me forever. It just all came about so fast.

The second one is about Jake’s predecessor, Whiskey. She died of chronic renal failure. We were fortunate in that with the help of her Vet we kept her alive for 18 months before it got too bad. Much longer than the original prognosis of 3 to 6 months.

Of course, it still doesn’t ease the pain. Funny thing too, both of these wonderful, unique, outstanding, special dogs passed over the Rainbow Bridge right around the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m getting so I just hate the holidays any more. So my empathy for and with you and your family runs deep.

Again, Thanks so much for writing your book.

Lois from IL