On 9-11-2001, the devastating news came to our TV’s and hearts that we all will remember for the rest of our lives. I pulled my kids out of school and took the day off of work to be with them and to explain to them, what had happened.
We were walking at Virginia Lake, a large geese and duck pond in south Reno, when there was activity where there should have been none. In the dumpster…..I had no problem climbing in, scared it might be a homeless person who had injured themselves.

It was not. It was a glad bag, full of puppies. Sadly, all were dead but one. One black puppy with back paws looking as if they were dipped in paint. Scared and starving, she weighed but a mere 1.5 lbs. I frantically searched the bag, but no more survivors. 8 brothers and sisters perished horribly on the day she was saved.

It was not me that saved her, but her that saved me. You see, one week later I lost my job and was jobless for almost a year. Without her by my side, I don’t know what I would have done. She reminded me, day after day, how much I was needed.

We named her Hope. I love you Hope.

Marion from NV