Holle and Kobi

On October 1, 2005, Brandon, our only child, age 23, was killed in an auto crash by a drunk driver. It was a hard time for us. Our 2 dogs, Holle and Kobi, were now our only babies. Holle was a 13 year old minature schnauzer in good health. Last summer, she started having seizures and they could not find medication to help her condition. My wife woke me up one morning about 3 A.M. begging me not to go to work that day. We needed to take home to the vet and talk about putting her down. Her condition was rapidly deteriotating. We took her in and talked with substitute vet, but one who was very compassionate. She had gone through a similar experience. We cried as we talked the hard decision that we had to make. Holle had always been such a sweet dog and we loved her very much. We finally decided that this is what we needed to do.
Additionally, what made this decision so hard is that Holle was Brandon’s dog. It felt like we were losing him again.Kobi is a Bensiji and now has been the center of our attention.


Curtis from TX