Hisser, Chookie

This is my cat Hisser. I often refered to him as my “puppy cat” because he acted like a dog at times. He would “bark” at times rather than meow. He came to us form our first family cat as a kitten, and got his name by the amount of hissing he as a kitten. The funny part was he never hissed out of defence but rather looked as to be laughing. One of my favorite things to play with him was a sort of peek a boo game where I would stand at the corner of a wall and just peek enough for him to see my eye, and when i would hide my eye he would come creepin up until he could see it again. Once he would get all the way to me by my manouvering around walls and such he would punce a bit and run off to take the hiding role.

He had an unbelievable strength to survive in my eyes as well. He survived an apartment fire we had in June of 2005. I remember going into the apartment after the fire was put out and realising that I may have lost both cats. The second trip through along with my wife I discovered that Chookie did in fact die, but at the same time I discovered her heard the meow of Hisser form under our soaked bed. He was having a hard time breathing but with oxygen eventually regained strength. Hisser has been with this family for a little over 9 years and grew up with my son whos 11 now, and has left us this morning. He was a member of this family in our eyes and left us with many happy memories.

Greg from TX