Help Minnesota Parrots

To start with, this story is not about dogs, it is about parrots. I am trying to get help and awareness of serious issues with these beautiful and majestic “pets”. I have contacted the Humane Society and spoke with the rescue end of it and they gave me someone to talk to from Midwest Avian Adoption and Rescue Services. I found out that people can treat “parrots” any way they see fit as they are classified as “breed for labratory use” animals…

I am beside myself trying to get these birds out of this awful situation. Here it is….There is a greenhouse in Brainard Minnesota where two Blue and Gold Macaws, an Umbrella Cockatoo, two cockatiels and a female Eclectus parrot are kept. In the cold weather the only heat is from a heat lamp!!!!! This is northern Minnesota!! and these are “tropical birds”!! The cockatoo, which myslef along with the Brainard Bird Club raised the $400 to purchase the Cockatoo from him and I took it to an avian vet for disease testing and now he happlily resides in a happy foster home before finding the perfect home. Although these other birds are still there….The femaIe macaw has had her toes frozen off. We were going to try to “purchase” the female (as she is in the most need) from him to save her, and decided that paying this JERK $$ for the birds is not the answer.

I spoke with the man and he REFUSES to take any of my advice on proper housing or nutrition for these birds. He is “TOO Busy”!! The birds are fed a mixture of “ground corn and sunflower seeds!! This is like asking a baby to grow and flourish on saltine crackers and potato chips!! These birds do not have proper housing, food or care! When I was there, the water was so green with alge that I cant imagine anything drinkiing it. Both the water and food dishes are on the floor with feces allowed to fall into it. He says, what do they do in the wild>????

In the wild, parrots visit “clay licks” and consume the clay which acts like an antibotic. He obviously doenst know this, although he says he owned a pet store and knows how to care for his birds!!. I suggested a simple soloution of having water and food dishes mounted to the side of the cage, (which by the way is galvanized wire and the lead content of it is sure to make the birds sick or die in time). He refused to move the dishes. A friend offered to come in and take care of them, he refused. She even brought in hanging dishes and pelleted food and he refused to use them. How can it be that these helpless creatures have to endure such a life??? People get these birds and dont realize the responsiblity they have taken on. These birds live from 50 to 100 years!! They need the same type of physical, nutritional and emotional nuturing a toddler does!

How can I get the public to stop and think before they buy these birds, just cuz they match the furniture??? Better yet, how can I get these birds out of this mans hands when the laws basically allow anyone to “beat them with a club” as they wish, with no consequences as there are with dogs and cats?? I am grasping at any hope of help I can. I know your area is dogs, but I thought maybe you have some advice for me. Blessings to you and Thank You for your time!

Julie from MN