Gus, Woodie

Dear Mr. Levin:
Thank you so much for writing your book. I just finished it last night. I got an autographed copy to give my sister for Christmas, as she lost her dog Gus about a year ago. He was a rescued dog. He keeled over of a heart attack we think…we rushed him to the vet hospital, but got hung up in stopped traffic at a light, and the dog died enroute. He was a young beautiful yellow lab. After that, we got Woodie. He is part yellow lab and we think, part airdale. He has curly hair and a beard, and a brown leathery nose. He has spots on his tongue, and he is always smiling. He always looks you in the eye. He has the run of ten acres, he is a groundhog killin’ machine. He likes to patrol the perimeter in case any intruders trespass. Today, Christmas Eve, he got to go to the dog groomer. He came back twice the size he left, as they bathed him, trimmed his beard, and blow dried him. He looked like a yellow powder puff, and boy was he proud of his looks. We think he is one great dog.

Well, anyway, thanks for your book. I wrapped it up after I read it, and my sister will get it for Christmas.


Nancy from PA